My research is driven by my enthusiasm for public engagement in science. I look forward to sharing my research with bird enthusiasts of all ages, and I actively seek out opportunities to present my work to diverse audiences, including rotary clubs, professional societies, and undergraduate classes. A partial list of my talks, guest lectures, and poster presentations is available here.

I also enjoy sharing my love of birds with the next generation of scientists and decision makers. I have previously worked as an educator with Madison Audubon and Seattle Audubon, leading nature camps and after school clubs. As a scientist, I regularly meet with classrooms at schools, community centers, and summer camps to chat about ornithology and avian conservation with K-12 students, both in person and online. I recently made some of my lesson plans available to assist teachers and families with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From time to time, I share my thoughts on conservation, environmental policy, and more through other writings, which are archived here.