Other Writings

From time to time, I share my thoughts on conservation, environmental policy, politics, and more through other writings, including essays, poetry, blog posts, and open letters. This work is archived here.

Birding at Union Bay. October 30, 2020.

Reflections on the 2020 Wildfires. September 13, 2020.

Husky 100 Personal Essay. May 4, 2020.

On Designating Critical Habitat (A Public Comment). July 31, 2018.

Dear Congress: Our country needs graduate students. Don’t tax us out of higher education. November 7, 2017.

Ashes. September 8, 2017.

“Miss Olivia, why should we save the monarch butterfly?”: A conversation with children about environmental conservation. August 2, 2017.

Why I March. April 20, 2017.

Dear Senator Johnson: To support our state, you must support environmental policy. March 27, 2017.

Dear Congress: Climate skepticism has no place in the Department of Energy. February 15, 2017.

Dear Congress: He who detests environmental regulation shall not head the EPA. February 15, 2017.